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How Do I Prep For My Photoshoot Part 1 - BODY..

We've all got one and they're all magnificent. Here are a few tips to help you feel fab and be looking on point for your shoot.

  1. LOVE YOUR BODY... enough of the inner critique. The people who love you see nothing but perfection and I do also.... I will give you extensive body postures and movement with direction to showcase all of your fabulous features. Part of my job description is to "pose" you right. So leave that to me. xx

  2. MOISTURIES... give the body a little hydration station and help your skin glow.

  3. TO FAKE IT OR NOT... I would say not to fake tan. I think we naturally have skin that compliments us and for the most part I would say your natural colour is your best shade. However, if you recoil in horror and feel that you may just die without it, then go for it... But please "user warning" get a professional tan. Orange is no-ones best skin tone (just ask Donald!!), having a vastly different face, elbow, back of hand, ankle colour etc.... well, we all know what a bad tan looks like. Say no to the orange glow and go pro...

  4. ITS A HAIRY KINDA EXPERIENCE.... if grooming is your jam, then scape away. While we won't notice either way (unless you have perhaps signed up for a "For Your Eyes Only" shoot - more about those in another blog...) it can help you feel sorted and prepared to be waxed, plucked, mowed, shaven.... you know.... your body, your rules.... Individual preference encouraged.

  5. NAILED IT... have your nails done if this is a pampering that makes you feel good. Or just clean & clipped... again, individuals choice.

  6. HAIR & MAKEUP.... we book you in to be pampered at Djurra Day Spa.... more info on this in another blog.

Hopefully that helps answer a few questions for you. Remember your photo shoot is a celebration of you. It's a day to be pampered and feel like a movie star. Together we will capture the best images of yourself that you have ever seen, you will feel like you belong on the front cover of a magazine and you will look like it too...

I look forward to capturing you soon. I'm taking bookings now. Phone: 0408 098 091 Email:

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