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Photographic Memories

A few weeks ago we lost one of my most favourite uncles. My Dad's twin brother. We had time as a family to gather and wish him one last farewell and give him one last hug and kiss. An incredible preveledge to have had those moments, all be it hard to watch. One of the photos below is Uncle Alec resting in his bed at around 1am, with my Dad, his twin sleeping in a chair next to him, such a beautiful bond and moment between them, one of the many over the years and one of their last.

After he had left us, we all reached for photographs... Photographs are a never ending memory long after Uncle Alec has left us, we all have photographs and memories of him. The gathering and sharing of photographs in preparation for his funeral has been a wonderful time for tears, stories, laughs and shared memories. I don't think we realise just how important photographs are. I can tell you (and I know others who have lost loved ones will agree), there are never enough photographs around, after the fact.

My Grandmother had a professional photograph of the family done, one of the photographs shared here and on seeing this, I felt so proud of my chosen career and the joy, memories and tears that I capture for others.... I love my job and I loved my gorgeous Uncle Alec, may he Rest In Peace...

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