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A Truely Magical Place part one...

Over the past six months I have lost two wonderful people from my life. My dad's twin brother and his wife. Both lived in Albany, so when my Aunty passed (on Boxing Day) a second chance at a road trip with family, funeral arrangements and the usual funeral/family business unfolded. I didn't realise it at the time, but a second chance to farewell my Uncle was something that I needed and a closure for the death of my cousin, I was only 21 when it happen, was also a much needed fix.

By the wonders of the universe, God or maybe the Star Trekker's Enterprise (you can be the judge of that) a road trip from Albany to Kalgoorlie unfolded (thank you to my incredible partner Ken) and a glorious step back into my childhood unfolded.

First stop was my Uncle, Aunty & Cousin's Farm (I haven't seen this property for 25 plus years, probably more like 30) and wasn't even sure that I could find my way back. As we drove out of Albany toward Jerramungup, I could recognise the landscape and the homing beacon in me switched on. I recognised a line of trees, a sweeping bend...... "Slow down, this could be it....." As we drove down the drive, there was familiarity but I still wasn't sure, so much had changed. We pulled up to the house and the young lady living there greeted us at the car. She confirmed we were in the right place.

I held my cool for less than a second and then just flooded those healing tears right back to my beautiful childhood memories. My cousin who had passed, my brothers and I had spent A LOT of time on this property, the emotion just burst out of me and it was wonderful... There were hugs with stranger, tears, more tears and a wonderful tour back into my childhood. We were invited into this gorgeous woman's home, without question, without notice. She embraced my memories with me and told of her joy for being able to live here. With each room, the fire place was the same, the smell, the bathroom tiles, the kitchen bench, the good old hills hoist. It all looked so different, but was somehow just the same...

I am so grateful for the opportunity to step back in time, the generosity of strangers and the fantastic photographs that I was able to capture on my visit...xx

We continued on to my family farm "Bamarook".... but I will leave that for my next blog...

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