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Message to my younger self...

I've made it my business to help make as many humans (not restricted to, but, especially the ladies) look and feel beautiful. We are all so incredibly critical of our appearance too old, too short, too tall, too many wrinkles, pimples, freckles, too big, too small. I hate my nose, hair, face, lips, teeth..... I've even heard someone critique their uneven nostril size... I actually kid you not... Whatever your "thing" and yes we all have one (mine is laugh lines..... how/why I should feel unhappy to be so happy is beyond reason, but I still go there), its time to take a fresh look...

Before every photoshoot there is an anticipation of "not being enough". Lack of confidence, diluted appreciation of self, the burden of mean words once spoken and never forgotten, perhaps a mixture of them all and more... The truth is they are a waste of our time & energy.

If you were to write a letter to your younger self, I feel confident that you wouldn't be writing "You were right, you were ugly!!!" So why, oh why, do we question our beauty now?? It's not ok, you are enough, you are beautiful, you deserve to love yourself and your body, you deserve happiness.

So here are a few comments that I often hear after a photo shoot.

"Wow, I look amazing!"

"I love these, I never love photos of myself, but I love these"

"That one looks like the cover of Vogue!"

"I'm making that my profile pic, no that one, wait, that one.... oh my god I love them all"

So, you have the beauty, I have the photographic skills and the team of makeup and hair artists (if you would like, going natural is still epic and beautiful, I work with who you are.). Lets team up and create some of the very best images you have ever seen of yourself...

The images attached are of a beautiful teenager... you know that age, not old enough yet, but not a kid anymore, hormones, confusion, craziness..... well this day was gorgeous, smiles for days, with "See Mum and Dad, I am enough!!" Just one of the many "finding your beauty" moments across the ages....

What's your "thing"..... share in the comments below and then ditch it.... & if you feel, share some love with this beautiful "younger self".... I will be sure to pass your comments on.... thank you xx ph: 0408 098 091 ph: 0408 098 091

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