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I'm Getting My Blog On..

Introducing..... house of photography blog spot. Settle in for some info about all things Contemporary Glamorous Portrait with stunning images and you could be the feature article.....

What is Contemporary Glamours Portraiture? I hear you ask... let me explain. Its a magnificent combo of hair/makeup/makeover plus you/your personality. Let me break that down a little more.

Glamorous- I don't know anyone to have said "Hang on, wait til I wipe my makeup off, mess my hair up & generally make myself look a little more crappy, and then you can take my photo!!" So, we have teamed up with Djurra Day Spa in Fremantle for hair and make up. Anita and her team will have you looking and feeling delicious.

Contemporary- It's not like the 80's/90's Glam shoot.... This means you will still look and feel like your authentic self. My job is to help you relax, feel fab and confident in front of the lens. To clarify, it's about feeling great, appreciating yourself, investing in yourself and it's my job to capture the most beautiful portrait of yourself that you have ever seen. You just turn up feeling pampered and fantastic.

Book yourself in today... you're a day older tomorrow... just saying.... we all are!!

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